Random Number Service

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Random numbers are used for various computational purposes such as stochastic simulation and cryptography. The purpose of this project is

  1. To define a Web Service API to request/supply random numbers,
  2. To set up a live Web Service which generates random numbers on demand, and
  3. To provide sample clients on various platforms.

The Random Number Web Service from the most recent release will always be staged on RandService.com for demo purposes.

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Project Status
RandService | Main
The first public release, v 0.2.1, was put on the Files Section on Sep. 26th. Please note that this distribution should be considered alpha, and any subsequent releases may not guarantee backward-compatibilities.
RandService | Www
This project's home page is being maintained in the CVS Repository under the module, www.
To-Do List
RandService | Main
  • Design a wrapper interface for various random number generators (RNGs).
  • Divide the current RandomNumber interface into two, one for true RNGs and the other for pseudo RNGs.
  • Implement the unit testing framework.
  • Add cross-platform clients.
  • Etc...
RandService | Www
  • Add some more general information on various types of random number generators.
  • Add the public API spec (and possibly browsable source codes) from the most recent release.
Software Requirements
General Requirements
  • Standards compliance.
  • Interoperability.
  • Performance.
RandService Features
  • True random numbers should be served on a request basis.
  • Pseudo random numbers should be supplied in a session context.
  • The client should be able to pick and choose an RNG of its choice from the service-supplied list.
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