Random Number Service

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If you plan to install your own Random Number Web Service, you can deploy the server war file into your J2EE web application server. If you plan to use only clients, then you can use either the web-based client by deploying the client war file or the command-line client included in the jar file. You can also write your own clients based on the sample programs in the src distributions.

For more information regarding the overall structure of the software, please refer to Design Details Section.


Readme v 0.2.1
Release Note v 0.2.1

Binary Distribution
The most recent binary distribution can be found from the Files section on this site. (The files are named, for example, as randservice-bin-M.m.r.zip, where M.m.r refers to a particular version number.) Once you unzip the downloaded file, you can directly deploy the war files into your web application server.
Source Distribution
The src distribution is basically a snapshot of the codebase at the time of the binary release. (The current codebase can also be directly accessed from the CVS repository.) The source distribution includes all one needs to build RandService except for the common tools mentioned in the Requirements section below.
System Requirements / Dependencies
For Run-Time Environements
  • JDK 1.4 or later (Logging, assertion, etc...)
  • Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 compatible servlet container (e.g. Tomcat 4.1)
For Build Environments
  • Ant 1.5 or later
  • Axis 1.1 or later
  • JUnit for unit testing (optional)
RandService | Web Service
Build the server war file if you have the source distribution, otherwise just deploy the war file (e.g. randservice-server-M.m.war) into the web application server. The RandomNumber Web Service can be deployed in the server wep-app using an included ant file, admin-randservice.xml.
RandService | Web-Based Client
The client war file (e.g. randservice-client-M.m.war) can be used for web-based client, and the client jar file (e.g. randservice-client-M.m.jar) can be used for commandline client.
The current binary distribution is not really configurable or customizable. If you need any type of customization, then you will need to download the source distribution and make necessary changes.
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